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US military veteran was at risk for deportation

US military veteran was at risk for deportation

Posted by Saul Steinberg | Jan 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

New Jersey veterans often encounter challenges when they return home from deployment overseas. Especially if they've faced combat, the sudden change in circumstances and return to daily living can be a shock to their systems. A U.S. marine in another state served in Afghanistan, but he was totally unprepared for the unfortunate events that unfolded after he came home. Even though he was born in the United States, the man was arrested by immigration officers and threatened with deportation.

The situation unfolded after an initial incident at a hospital where the military veteran was arrested for trespassing on a heliport at the medical facility. The young man suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and his family says he often disappears and has no memory of where he's been or what he's done once he is located. He pleaded guilty to the trespassing charge, and his release from jail was secured.

However, instead of going free, the man was confronted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who showed up and took him into custody. The man reportedly showed the ICE officers numerous forms of ID, but they refused to listen to him when he said was a U.S. citizen. He was, in fact, held in detention for three days and threatened with removal.

The man's mother says she thought she might have a heart attack when she watched ICE officials take her son away to detention on a bus even though she begged them to free him because he is a U.S. citizen. Thankfully, deportation was not the ultimate outcome of the case, but the man's mother said she is greatly disappointed in the United States government for treating one of its veterans so unjustly. There may be people in New Jersey facing similar complicated immigration situations, either as citizens or immigrants. An experienced attorney who is well-versed in U.S. immigration law is a great asset to have on hand when trying to rectify such problems.

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