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What To Do After You Get Hurt In An Accident

The immediate aftermath of an accident – whether it is a car accident, slip-and-fall accident, an injury caused by a defective product, etc. – can be confusing and scary. Questions about how you will get medical care, whether you will have to miss work and how you can hold the other party accountable can overwhelm you.

At Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted of Camden, New Jersey, our experienced team of trial lawyers can help you through the complex process of seeking the compensation you need for an auto accident injury or any injuries caused by someone else's negligence. In the meantime, there are some steps you should and should not take to help your case.

DO: See a doctor as soon as possible.

You may go to the emergency room or call your family physician for an immediate appointment. It's important that you get evaluated quickly so that your injuries can be properly diagnosed and treated. If you're worried about the expense of medical treatment, you should know that the law provides several ways in which your medical bills may be covered.

DO: Call an experienced personal injury attorney.

The sooner your attorney can get to work investigating the details of your accident and helping you deal with the insurance companies, the better. We can secure and gather important evidence and work with experts like accident reconstructionists to help build the strongest possible claim and prove the extent of your financial losses.

DO: Take pictures of the accident scene.

If you are able, snapping a few quick pictures of damage to your vehicle or any safety hazards could help your case before the accident scene is cleaned up and evidence is lost. We can then evaluate your evidence and determine the best way to present it in trial or in settlement negotiations.

DO: Get the names of witnesses if possible.

If someone witnessed your accident, his or her account could prove crucial in helping you prove the liable party's negligence in causing your injuries. We can handle the interviewing and determining whether his or her account is credible.

DON'T: Talk to insurance adjusters without the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Insurance adjusters may use your words against you to limit the amount they have to pay out. Our lawyers have more than 150 years of combined litigation experience that they can rely on to help put you in the best position to recover the compensation you need.

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