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At Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted in Camden, New Jersey, we put our 150 years of combined legal into every civil litigation case we take. We assess your situation and tell you what we can do for you and how it's likely to work out.

We also let you what types of options you have and can advise you on which steps to take to ensure the most favorable outcome in your particular case.

There's No Substitute For Experience

At Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted, we are experienced and trial-savvy attorneys. We know the process and how the Camden and New Jersey courts work. We understand the role of strategy in civil litigation. We handle many types of cases, including those related to:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Products liability or dangerous design/dangerous product/toxic tort
  • All aspects of personal injury, including automobile and bus/train accidents
  • Environmental disputes and administrative hearings
  • Real estate disputes
  • Landlord/tenant litigation
  • Small claims and special civil part trials
  • Construction litigation
  • Employment and labor law/wage and hour board claims
  • Antitrust and securities fraud litigation
  • Education law
  • Workers' compensation claims
  • Coverage and declaratory action
  • Will and trust contests
  • Securing and protecting trademark and service marks with the United States
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Our seasoned attorneys are ready to take your case to court when necessary. Many firms do not have the litigation experience and resources needed to pursue a court case even when it is in their client's best interest. At Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted, we do. We understand what is at stake and work to get you the resolution you need.

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Zucker Steinberg Wixted is committed to answering your questions about Civil Litigation, DUI / DWI Defense, State & Federal Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Personal Injury law issues in the southern New Jersey area.

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