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New Jersey does not have felony and misdemeanor crimes. Instead, we have first- through fourth-degree crimes. Most seemingly “minor” crimes, charged as municipal or disorderly persons (DP) violations, are handled in local municipal crimes.

Despite what you may think, however, these charges are anything but minor. At Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted of Camden, we have handled federal and state criminal cases ranging from capital murder to speeding tickets. At all levels of the criminal justice system, it is essential to have an experienced attorney in your corner. Take the next step to prevent charges and convictions from appearing on your record. Whenever possible, we will work to reduce the charges against you or find errors in procedure or evidence that allow these charges to be dismissed.

We Take These Violations Seriously. So Should You.

DP and municipal violations can include speeding, DUI, trespassing, simple possession of marijuana, shoplifting, resisting arrest and many other violations that people think of as misdemeanors. However, just like misdemeanors, a conviction can still have serious effects on your future.

A conviction could mean expensive fines, license suspension and even jail time in some cases. It will also mean having a criminal record that can hurt your chances of finding a job or housing.

Just like more serious charges, our lawyers will quickly get to investigating your arrest and determine if police violated any of your rights. We are well-respected by judges and prosecutors in South Jersey, and we understand what it takes to get even serious charges reduced or dismissed. When it is in your best interests, we can aggressively defend your rights in court.

Even Traffic Violations Can Have Serious Consequences

Here in New Jersey, most traffic violations will mean points on your record. If you accumulate enough points, you could face a driver's license suspension, which could make it more difficult to get around. It could also mean skyrocketing insurance rates. Many people are tempted to just pay a ticket or plead guilty to a traffic violation like driving without insurance because they think they can just move on. It is important to discuss the possible effects of any traffic violation with an attorney first.

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