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No Such Thing As A Minor Drug Charge

Here in New Jersey, there are still extremely harsh penalties for a conviction on nearly any type of drug offense. While groups are attempting to relax some of the state's drug laws, the fact remains that there is no such thing as a “minor drug crime” in the Garden State.

At Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted of Camden, we understand what it could mean for you and your future. Our New Jersey board-certified criminal trial attorneys defend clients facing all types of drug crime charges in federal, state and municipal courts throughout South Jersey and the state.

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We Can Protect Your Rights And Interests In All Types Of Drug Cases

Crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs and synthetic drugs can all mean jail time, fines, removal from the U.S. and other penalties. With experience in cases ranging from simple possession to large drug trafficking conspiracies, we can help you find the best way forward to protect your interests. We will quickly get to work investigating the details of your case to see if there are factors like the following, which we may use to have charges reduced or dismissed:

  • If police illegally searched you or your premises and seized evidence without a warrant or your permission.
  • If you were arrested in someone else's vehicle that contained drugs that were not yours.
  • An unreliable informant gave your name to the police to protect him or herself.

With several former prosecutors on our team of attorneys, we are well-aware of the tactics that prosecutors use in drug cases to score plea deals. If a prosecutor is threatening to increase your charges, such as by adding “with intent to distribute” or some other charge, we can help.

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If you are facing any type of drug charge in New Jersey, remember that you have the right to remain silent and speak with a drug defense lawyer. Call our Camden office today at 856-288-1767 to schedule a consultation and discuss your rights and options. Hablamos español.

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