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These drugs can lead to legal problems as well as addiction

Posted by Saul Steinberg | Jan 04, 2018 | 0 Comments

Millions of people throughout the United States, including many in New Jersey, are currently taking some form of medication to treat acute or chronic adverse health conditions. Perhaps you have a bad back that inhibits your ability to function on a daily basis or suffered injury in a car accident and are trying to alleviate some of your pain in recovery. Maybe you don't have an injury but have been having trouble sleeping because of certain family or marital problems.

You never know just by looking at another person what he or she may be going through behind closed doors, just like those you meet may not be aware of your hidden ailments or emotional struggles. It's definitely not uncommon for people to take various types of drugs to seek pain relief or assistance for other types of conditions. Many available drugs leave you at risk for addiction and some for serious legal problems as well. If either problem arises, you'll want to know where to seek support.

Drugs you should use with great caution

You may not even realize the addictive properties some drugs possess or consider certain substances as drugs at all. For instance, alcohol is one of the most highly addictive drugs that exist, yet many people do not think of it as a drug. The following list provides facts regarding substances that may cause addiction or legal problems in your life:

  • As mentioned, alcohol is a drug. You can also incur serious legal problems if you drive after consuming alcohol or get caught drinking under age.
  • Amphetamines are stimulants many people use when they want to increase energy and awareness. This is why a lot of college students get hooked on such drugs if they take them to avoid sleep and gain alertness when studying. If you take amphetamines without prescription or give your own prescribed pills to someone else, you may wind up facing criminal charges for illegal drug possession or distribution.
  • Suffering extreme bouts of insomnia or anxiety can leave the average person feeling desperate and overwhelmed. In such circumstances, you might welcome the chance to take a drug that may calm your nerves or help you sleep. Valium, Xanax and other benzodiazepines are among the most addictive drugs there are. Many people, including some doctors and other professionals, are currently facing serious addiction or career problems related to such drugs.

Most times, you'll likely fill a prescription your doctor writes, take the drug according to instructions and move on in life with no lasting consequences other than (hopefully) an improved health condition. If that's not the case and you are currently experiencing health or legal problems associated with drugs, you may want to reach out for support.

Many New Jersey residents have successfully sought rehabilitation for drug addictions and have also been able to overcome legal problems by turning to experienced criminal defense attorneys for help.

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