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New Jersey community in mourning after fatal personal injury

| Mar 19, 2020 | Personal Injury

Investigators say they have not yet determined why a vehicle veered out of its lane and into oncoming traffic on a recent Friday in New Jersey. The wayward car then struck another vehicle, which had tragic consequences. Several people were airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment following the sudden collision.

Sadly, two students were in the vehicle that was struck. The children’s grandfather was behind the wheel of that car. The 52-year-old grandfather and his grandchildren, one in sixth grade and the other a sophomore in high school, each initially survived the personal injuries they suffered on impact in the collision.

The local high school principal later updated the community on the conditions of the accident victims. Tragically, the high school student succumbed to her injuries. There was no report on the updated conditions of the other injured victims. The principal also informed the community that counselors would be available to help students and faculty members cope with their grief.

It was just before 3:30 p.m. that the New Jersey collision occurred. This is typically a busy time on most roadways. When a fatal personal injury occurs because of driver negligence, it often leads to litigation if an immediate family member of the deceased victim pursues a wrongful death claim in civil court. Many families say that doing so has helped them gain closure, and has also led to compensation for damages, which they were able to use to help cover funeral costs and other expenses associated with the collisions that resulted in their loved ones’ deaths.

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