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Immigration issues are central focus of recent court ruling

| Jan 14, 2020 | Immigration and Naturalization

Anyone in New Jersey who is concerned about the impact of criminal proceedings on U.S, immigration law cases may be interested in a recent case in another state. The situation involved a man who was twice taken into police custody and twice ordered released by the court. However, on both occasions, instead of releasing the man, jail officials continued to detain him until U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrived to take him into their custody.

The man was arrested on suspicion of assault. A judge ordered that he be allowed to remain free while awaiting his next court hearing. Jailers instead kept the man in jail and ICE officers came and took him to a detention center. He was there for several weeks, which reportedly caused him to miss a scheduled court hearing.

Missing his appearance in court landed the man back in jail. Again, a judge ordered his release and again his jailers kept him captive until ICE officers arrived to take him into their custody. Since then, the court has ordered the city in question to pay restitution to the man, as there is a law in this particular city that prohibits local law enforcement officials from cooperating with ICE detainer requests.

Many New Jersey families are currently worried about immigration issues. Some have not seen their loved ones for weeks or even months due to ICE officers taking them into custody. An experienced attorney can review a specific case and assess whether the individual’s legal rights have been violated. The attorney can also make recommendations as to the best course of action to resolve any outstanding issues favorably.

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