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US immigration issues that may affect New Jersey residents

| Dec 10, 2019 | Immigration and Naturalization

New Jersey is home to thousands of immigrants. U.S. immigration law is complex, and each immigrant arrives at a U.S. border under his or her own set of unique circumstances. A recent protest was held in another state by women who say that the federal government needs to reform its policies because women and children are not being protected when they are living under custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The women recently visited a privately-owned detention center. Before speaking with residents there, they say they had an opportunity to talk with ICE officials. The women later said the ICE agents’ statements were not corroborated by detainees, who painted a much different picture of what life is like for them in detention.

The immigrant advocates say the detainees they spoke with claimed that even their most basic needs are not being met. Some of them say they are forced to endure menstrual cycles without having access to proper feminine hygiene products. Many also say that the food they are given to eat is often rancid and contains parasites.

The advocates called upon legislators to support two bills that they believe would better help protect women and children in U.S. immigration detention facilities. Spokespersons for the particular facility the advocates visited said that its food and water regularly undergo inspections. They also said that feminine hygiene products are supplied “as needed.” If an immigrant or family member of an immigrant in New Jersey is in need of legal support regarding detention issues, he or she may request a meeting with an experienced immigration law attorney.

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