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Family law and immigration issues sometimes overlap

| Feb 19, 2019 | Family Law

Many New Jersey immigrants say they live in fear that they will be at work or some other public location and get approached by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. A woman in another state has a 14-year-old daughter who lives with her. She and her ex-husband disagree about where the child should attend school, and they are litigating the issue in family law court. The woman had no way of knowing, however, that ICE officials would show up at the courthouse and place her under arrest.

Reportedly, the woman came to the United States with all her paperwork in order. Her current husband said she has been working to resolve a legal issue regarding her visa, which apparently expired. She has never faced criminal charges of any kind.

There has been speculation regarding the woman’s ex and whether he is the one who informed ICE of her whereabouts. He apparently has made threats in the past to do so. The man recently relocated to a new state and wants his daughter to go to school there instead of in her resident state where she lives with her mother.

It often takes time to resolve child custody and parenting time issues. It can take just as long, if not longer, to resolve immigration problems. In both cases, it is always a good idea to enlist support from an experienced New Jersey attorney; in cases similar to this one, the ideal attorney would be experienced in both family law and U.S. immigration law.

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