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For any New Jersey immigrant facing family law problems

| Nov 19, 2018 | Family Law

Living in fear of domestic violence is typically a situation that is wrought with anxiety and confusion. Sadly, some New Jersey immigrants currently face family law problems that involve allegations of violence in the home. Any person being physically abused by a spouse or other family member should be aware that domestic violence is never okay.

Especially if there are children involved, it is critical that an abused spouse seek immediate refuge, away from his or her abuser. If the person being abused is not a U.S. citizen, it may be possible to file an application for permanent residency as a domestic violence victim. The U.S. government sometimes grants green cards to immigrants who are not properly documented but who agree to cooperate with authorities to bring their abusers to justice.

Green card applications usually require that the applicant have a sponsor. However, in cases of domestic violence, the applicant may act on his or her own behalf to petition the immigration court for a legal status adjustment. If the green card is granted, the petitioner would be eligible to obtain employment anywhere in the United States.

In New Jersey and elsewhere, domestic violence devastates lives. The good news is that there is a strong support system in place to protect abuse victims to help them lay the groundwork for a better and safer future. A first logical step to take to learn more about the self-petition application process is to request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney who is well-versed in U.S. immigration law.

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