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Judge says prisoner’s personal injury due to medical malpractice

| Aug 29, 2018 | Personal Injury

When a New Jersey resident is sentenced to jail for conviction of a particular crime, he or she undoubtedly loses numerous privileges otherwise enjoyed outside a jail cell, such as the ability to drive himself or herself places as well as the ability to socialize with friends and family members outside a prison visiting room. However, if a prisoner suffers personal injury or an adverse health condition, he or she is entitled to prompt and appropriate medical care. A man in another state was recently awarded more than $1million because care providers failed to diagnose his skin cancer while he was incarcerated.

The man’s mother says she visited her son at one point, and he was wrapped like a mummy in gauze. She also said she was horrified to see a hole in his hand that was so large she could see through it. Sadly, the man’s subcutaneous lymphoma (skin cancer) was not diagnosed for another three years.

Medical malpractice seems to be problematic in many states. In fact, the Department of Corrections in Connecticut has stated that it has been sued or investigated in as many as 25 cases, eight of which involved fatalities. The department contracts medical care of inmates to an outside company.

Substandard medical care causes personal injury to tens of thousands of people in New Jersey and elsewhere every year, many of whom are not incarcerated at the time. Those currently facing such issues can seek compensation for damages through the civil justice system, like the man suffering from skin cancer did. Most people who file such claims act alongside experienced legal representation to maximize their chances for successful outcomes.

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