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We Understand Family Law Issues

Family law issues in New Jersey are often complicated by the emotional issues associated with ending a relationship, as well as practical consideration involving the dissolution of an integrated family unit. Issues involved include alimony, child support, custody and the allocation of assets (cash).

Often real estate and other assets must be liquidated and divided, as well as personal property. Other issues that complicate the dissolution of a long-term relationship might include the immigration status of one or both parties; past or present allegations of domestic violence; gifts or inheritance received by one or both parties during the marriage; and visitation and custody issues involving young children.

The Experience That Makes A Difference

We have extensive experience in all aspects of family and matrimonial litigation. We have decades of experience litigating complex financial matters related to the valuation of assets, liabilities and the dissolution of the marital estate, as well as restraining orders and emergent matters. When it comes to legal issues related to the custody of children, we have years of experience favorably resolving contentious custody contests, whether by settlement or after a full trial.

We will advise on where to start the process and what information you will need to gather to assist the court in making a determination. We will also guide you to the experts, where required, who you might want to hire in order to assist the court in reaching a decision in your favor.

We also handle adoptions, abuse and neglect cases and cases in which the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS) is involved. We have handled dozens of cases involving the division, and we understand the process inside and out.

The Proven Legal Representation You Need

Our matrimonial lawyers are respected by the court staff and the regional judiciary for our competency and experience. This helps us to advance your litigation goals credibly and efficiently, even under highly emotional and difficult circumstances. We speak Spanish, and we are always sensitive to our clients' immigration status when deciding how to proceed. Call Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted at 856-288-1767 today. You can also email us a brief summary of your issue.

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