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New Jersey vehicle occupant suffers serious personal injury

Members of a New Jersey community are in mourning this week after recently learning about the death of a local resident. The man happened to be a police officer and was involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer.  Preliminary reports were unclear was to whether the officer was or was not on duty at the time of the collision that resulted in serious personal injury and a fatality.

New Jersey roadways wrought with danger this past weekend

When a New Jersey motorist gets behind the wheel, there is no guarantee his or her final destination will be arrived at without incident. However, when one adheres to traffic regulations and remains cautious and alert while driving, chances of collision may decrease. Then again, no matter how safe a driver happens to be, another person's negligence can cause sudden disaster.  

IKEA CALYPSO lamps lead to personal injury

IKEA fans in New Jersey may be impacted by a recent recall of some of the company's lamps. Specifically, IKEA is recalling its CALYPSO ceiling lamps due to the personal injury they can cause a consumer. The particular lamps being recalled are those that were bought after August of 2016.

New Jersey truck driver cited for crash causing personal injury

When a massive vehicle travels too close to a car in front of it, the driver may not be able to react safely and quickly enough to avoid a collision. This seems to have been the case involving a tractor-trailer and a car on a recent Friday in New Jersey. The 72-year-old tractor-trailer operator was issued several traffic citations in the incident.

New Jersey roadway recent scene of personal injury accident

New Jersey roadways are often scenes of motor vehicle collisions. Not every incident involves multiple vehicles, however, as made evident by a recent incident that resulted in personal injury. When single-vehicle collisions occur, they are often later found to have been caused by driver negligence.

Judge says prisoner's personal injury due to medical malpractice

When a New Jersey resident is sentenced to jail for conviction of a particular crime, he or she undoubtedly loses numerous privileges otherwise enjoyed outside a jail cell, such as the ability to drive himself or herself places as well as the ability to socialize with friends and family members outside a prison visiting room. However, if a prisoner suffers personal injury or an adverse health condition, he or she is entitled to prompt and appropriate medical care. A man in another state was recently awarded more than $1million because care providers failed to diagnose his skin cancer while he was incarcerated.

New Jersey turnpike was the scene of a recent fatal accident

One might assume that not many cars would be on a New Jersey highway at 2:45 a.m., but that is not always true. Especially during summer, roadways can be traffic laden at any hour of the day or night. Many vacationers travel in the wee hours after midnight so they can arrive at their destinations early in the morning. On a recent Sunday, there were multiple vehicles on the same stretch of road when a serious accident occurred.

Personal injury for several following recent collision

Many questions remain unanswered following a devastating single-vehicle accident in New Jersey. As is often the case when personal injury results from a collision, several people were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Details regarding what exactly caused the wreck and injuries to the three vehicle occupants have yet to be determined.  

New Jersey crash ends in fatal personal injury

No matter how cautious and alert a New Jersey driver is, if there happens to be another motorist on the road who is acting negligently behind the wheel, even the safest drivers in the vicinity are at risk for collision. Some car accidents leave a lot of questions unanswered, as made evident by a recent situation that resulted in a fatality. State troopers responded to the scene.  

Things to know about personal injury claims in New Jersey

New Jersey roadways, like most others in the nation, are dangerous places. Highways and byways are often traffic-laden, high-speed messes where travelers may truly feel as though it's every man for himself out there. It's no longer a matter of "if" accidents will occur, but merely when and where. Those that fall victim to one will likely have questions regarding personal injury claims.  

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