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Immigration situation could lead to civil litigation

An ongoing investigation in another state involves serious allegations against a company that has been offering bond assistance services to detained immigrants. Many believe the company has been preying upon unsuspecting victims by committing allegedly deceptive, unfair and abusive practices. New Jersey immigrants who believe their rights have been violated may pursue justice through the civil litigation process, just as some of those involved in this particular situation may wind up doing.

What are the requirements for executing a last will and testament?

While everyone knows they need to execute a last will and testament, they often put it off owing to concerns about money or the inability to find time in their busy schedules. Indeed, even those with plenty of money and time on their hands may nevertheless prove hesitant to address this topic owing to their discomfort with the topic of death and dying.

Understanding the eviction process here in New Jersey - II

In a post last month, our blog began discussing how even though disputes between landlords and tenants are commonplace and frequently culminate in threats of eviction, both parties need to understand that this action cannot be taken without obeying the letter of the law -- in this case the New Jersey Anti-Eviction Act.

Understanding the eviction process here in New Jersey

For landlords, there is nothing more important than protecting their investment, meeting the needs of their tenants and, of course, collecting monthly rent checks. Similarly, for tenants, there is nothing more important than feeling secure in their building, knowing their unit is in good working order and, of course, paying their monthly rent to secure their living arrangements.

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