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How to handle a divorce both at home and at work

| Jul 7, 2020 | Family Law

For many New Jersey residents, going through a divorce will be the hardest thing that they ever have to do. Not only is separating from a spouse an ordeal in itself, but it is hard to know how to discuss the divorce with loved ones and coworkers. Almost certainly, there will be at least one person who offers unhelpful and unsolicited advice, and someone going through a divorce has to be prepared to filter that advice out. On the other hand, people should maintain a strong personal support group, and they should spend time with their friends and family outside of work.

Individuals who have addictive personalities may find themselves working constantly as a distraction from their divorce. Working nonstop is an unhealthy coping mechanism and could lead to burnout. People also need to recognize if they are so stressed that they cannot handle all of their work responsibilities. If this is the case, it would be a good idea to tell someone of authority at work about the divorce and talk about their ability to handle certain assignments for the short time being. Though it may seem scary, it is better than the alternative of failing a task and being in the position of having to explain oneself after the fact.

If a person needs to take time off from work to recuperate here and there, that is also acceptable. It is good to maintain boundaries between work and personal life and not to develop a crutch on people at work to use as a sounding board.

Dealing with the emotions of a divorce can be hard enough on top of considering how to handle the separation of marital property and other assets. A family law attorney may help clients with anything from property division to child custody arrangements as well as other problems that can arise between spouses.

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