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Family law: Ways to improve your co-parent relationship

| Mar 2, 2020 | Family Law

New Jersey parents want what is best for their children, although each parent may interpret that differently. When a married couple files for divorce, these differences of opinion can make achieving a fair settlement and workable co-parenting plan quite challenging. Every state has its own family law guidelines regarding custody, support and parenting time, which is why it is critical to seek clarification of such laws before heading to court.

When a spouse no longer wants to be in a relationship with his or her partner, he or she may feel compelled to leave the past behind as swiftly and painlessly as possible. However, while a couple can legally end a marriage, parents will always have a need to interact regarding their children. It pays to consider ideas to help keep the peace and avoid co-parenting stress.

It can be difficult to shake the memories of past marital problems, but it is helpful to try to set those differences aside and concentrate on their children’s best interests. If  the parents can agree to focus on the positive aspects of their relationship (i.e., their kids) they are less likely to have angry outbursts and more likely to be willing to cooperate and compromise for their children’s sake, as needed. Communication is a key factor to successful co-parenting. The problem is that communication breakdown is also a common cause of divorce.

That’s why it pays to stay closely connected to an experienced family law attorney when there are children involved in a divorce. An attorney can help a concerned parent protect his or her rights, as well as the children’s best interests. An attorney also knows what to do if a co-parent violates a court order or is causing other legal problems that impede the family’s ability to adapt to their new lifestyle in a healthy, productive manner.

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