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When a personal injury case and immigration law intersect

| Feb 25, 2020 | Personal Injury

Many New Jersey immigrants live in fear that some type of issue will arise that will spark legal status problems for them or a family member. In fact, some people may hesitate to seek legal support for a personal injury matter because they are worried about underlying immigration issues that might surface in the process. As a result, they may suffer adverse consequences that affect them and their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Take for example a mother whose paperwork is not in good order who is admitted to a hospital to give birth. Sadly, not every labor and delivery in New Jersey goes as planned. Some mothers and infants have suffered serious illness or injuries when medical team members have provided substandard care. In the United States, if a doctor, nurse, practitioner, lab technician, or other licensed or certified professional acts with negligence on the job, a person who suffers injury because of that negligence may have grounds for filing a lawsuit in a civil court.

The purpose of such lawsuits is to seek financial restitution for physical, emotional or economic damages. Whether a reckless driver caused you to suffer injury in a motor vehicle collision or a medical doctor was negligent in your care, you can seek consultation to clarify state laws and learn more about the civil justice system in the United States. If another person’s negligence caused you or your loved one injury, you should not have to bear the full burden of any expenses that stem from the incident, such as medical bills or lost wages.

If you’re an immigrant living in New Jersey who is worried about immigration issues as they intersect with a potential personal injury claim, you may request a meeting with Zucker Steinberg & Wixted. Our experienced legal team is well-versed in U.S. immigration laws and personal injury issues as well. Upon reviewing your case, we can help you determine the maximum amount of compensation to which you may be entitled if you pursue legal accountability against a someone whose negligence caused your injury.

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