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New Jersey accident victim suffered serious personal inury

| Jan 21, 2020 | Personal Injury

New Jersey intersections, like many other crossroads throughout the country, are often busy, dangerous places. Most four-way intersections are secured with traffic lights or stop signs; however, that does not necessarily guarantee motorist or pedestrian safety. A recent Tuesday morning crash shows how suddenly and unexpectedly a serious collision can occur and result in personal injury, especially if a particular incident involves driver negligence.

A man was at a busy intersection where he reportedly saw the traffic light in front of him turn green. As he began to navigate a turn, another driver headed in the crossing direction failed to stop at a red light. That driver’s vehicle slammed into the side of the man’s car as he was turning.

The sudden impact of the crash sent both vehicles spinning out of control. A third car was hit in the collision. The man who had had the right of way at the green light became trapped inside his vehicle as it ignited in flames. Rescue workers were thankfully able to free him and transport him to a nearby hospital, though he suffered serious injuries.

Investigations following New Jersey motor vehicle accidents that result in personal injury often reveal evidence that a specific driver’s negligent or reckless behavior behind the wheel was a causal factor in the collision. If a person suffers serious injuries because of another person’s negligence, he or she may seek financial recovery for damages. To do this, a claim must be filed in a civil court, and the person filing the claim must prove that the defendant was negligent, and that his or her negligence was directly responsible for the injuries that occurred.

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