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Immigration detention: Death toll rising

In New Jersey and across the country, concern has been raised about the safety and well-being of those being held in ICE custody. Two separate immigration detention facilities in another state reported resident fatalities within the same week. These incidents are raising awareness to an apparent substandard care problem that seems to be occurring in numerous detainment centers in the United States.

New Jersey accident victim suffered serious personal inury

New Jersey intersections, like many other crossroads throughout the country, are often busy, dangerous places. Most four-way intersections are secured with traffic lights or stop signs; however, that does not necessarily guarantee motorist or pedestrian safety. A recent Tuesday morning crash shows how suddenly and unexpectedly a serious collision can occur and result in personal injury, especially if a particular incident involves driver negligence.

How to make sure your parallel parenting plan makes sense

It's not easy to make choices during your divorce that will make sense for your New Jersey family for years to come. This requires that you set aside your own personal feelings and consider what will work best for your children long-term. Many parents choose to negotiate a joint custody plan, but you may not be certain that you can make this work with your soon-to-be ex. 

Immigration issues are central focus of recent court ruling

Anyone in New Jersey who is concerned about the impact of criminal proceedings on U.S, immigration law cases may be interested in a recent case in another state. The situation involved a man who was twice taken into police custody and twice ordered released by the court. However, on both occasions, instead of releasing the man, jail officials continued to detain him until U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrived to take him into their custody.

3 suffer fatal personal injury in recent New Jersey crash

A mother in New Jersey recently shared thoughts about her 23-year-old daughter who, along with two other young women, was killed in a motor vehicle accident. Here mom described her as someone who would have made a very good counselor because she had a knack for reading people. Hours before she suffered a fatal personal injury, the daughter joined two of her best friends from high school for a reunion before one of them deployed in the U.S. military. Two of them were apparently apparently estranged, and the night was meant to mend some fences between them.

Getting through your divorce by following an amicable path

When you got married, you may have thought back on the heartbreaks and breakups you experienced as a teen or when even younger, and perhaps you felt glad that you would never experience those feelings again. After all, you found the love of your life and intended to spend the rest of your years happy with him or her. Of course, intentions do not always work out as hoped, and you are now facing a divorce.

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