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Immigration law changes in New Jersey re driving privileges

| Dec 29, 2019 | Immigration and Naturalization

Governor Phil Murphy has reportedly made a lot of people happy by agreeing to sign a bill into law. The new law will prompt changes regarding immigration, in particular the ability of an undocumented person to apply for a valid driver’s license. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants residing in New Jersey are expected to apply for driving privileges now.

The mother of a toddler, age 2, said she sometimes drove in the past without a license to take her child to a nearby park to play or to go to her doctor’s appointments. Upon learning about the new law, the woman said she hardly could find words to describe her joy. She said she is so relieved and happy that she will now be able to drive without worrying about her legal status.

The governor said that he wants the new law to send a message to immigrants throughout the state that they are a vital part of the New Jersey community and economy. There are 14 other states that also permit undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers’ licenses. The law in this state is expected to take effect in 2021.

There will be two types of drivers’ licenses in New Jersey when the law takes effect. One will identify the holder’s citizenship status and one will not. Not everyone was happy about the new law. Some say it will open the door for voter fraud and other problematic issues. Any immigrant currently facing legal problems because of an undocumented status or driver’s license issues may seek support by requesting a meeting with an experienced immigration law attorney.

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