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Support for those facing family law issues in New Jersey

| Sep 3, 2019 | Family Law

In New Jersey and throughout the country, kids have been returning to their classrooms for a school year. Some families do not have to travel anywhere to get to school because they choose to educate their children at home. No matter if your children attend public or private school or you’re one of many homeschooling families in this state, the back-to-school season might be a lot more stressful if you happen to be facing family law issues on top of it all.

Perhaps you filed for divorce over the summer. Then again, you might already be in a co-parent relationship because you were never married to your children’s other parent. Both types of situations require cooperation and compromise from co-parents; otherwise, even minor disagreements can quickly snowball into serious legal problems.

It can be frustrating and worrisome to deal with a co-parent who refuses to adhere to an existing court order. If your kids attend public school, for instance, and you are the parent who is supposed to pick them up from school every day but the other parent keeps showing up before you and taking the kids, it’s definitely a problem. Not only can you let the teachers know what you have a signed agreement stating you are the parent who is supposed to getting the kids after school, you can also bring the matter to the court’s immediate attention.

Situations like this can be emotionally upsetting. That’s why most New Jersey parents facing such issues ask experienced family law attorneys to represent them in court. Zucker, Steinberg & Wixted are committed to helping concerned parents protect their rights and their children’s best interests as they seek fair solutions to custody, visitation or child support problems.

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