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Critical personal injury has ultimately turned fatal

| Sep 24, 2019 | Personal Injury

A New Jersey community came together on a recent Saturday to support and comfort one another after hearing tragic news. It was not the first time friends, students and faculty had gathered to pray for a local family, whose 15-year-old son had suffered serious personal injury in a pedestrian collision. For the past week, he lied in a medically induced coma but has since succumbed to his injuries.

The day of the accident was likely similar to a typical day in the life of any active high school teenager. This particular teen was well liked in his school and community. He was a distance runner for the school’s track and field and cross country teams. The collision occurred after a football game when the boy and others were at an intersection.

A car struck the boy, and a fire fighter that happened to be nearby rushed to his aid as the first responder. While the boy was in the hospital, many people kept vigil outside the building. Since his recent passing, the schools in the area, in particular the one the boy’s younger sister attends, have announced that there are licensed counselors on hand to help students cope with their grief.

It is definitely not the first time a fatal personal injury has occurred in New Jersey after a pedestrian accident at an intersection. Many past incidents have led to litigation when parents or other immediate family members of deceased victims have filed legal claims against those deemed responsible for their loved ones’ deaths. While there is no way to replace the loss of a human life, successful litigation often leads to compensation that can help grieving families offset the expenses associated with the loss of a family member.

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