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Community suffers loss after fatal personal injury in New Jersey

| Sep 9, 2019 | Personal Injury

A New Jersey man, age 53, had served his community as a corrections officer for 23 years before his sudden, unexpected death on a recent Thursday. The former officer was on a motorcycle when a tractor-trailer collided with his vehicle. He suffered fatal personal injury, which has left his former colleagues and entire community reeling with grief.

The tractor-trailer operator reportedly turned in front of the motorcyclist on the road. The investigation is still active and no details were provided regarding the exact causal factors that may have led to the crash. A sergeant from the New Jersey Department of Corrections issued a statement mourning the loss of the veteran serviceman. He served at the same prison facility throughout his career and was a sergeant himself for approximately 12 years.

It was mid-afternoon when the horrific collision occurred. No one is sure where the man was headed at the time. He was traveling in a westbound direction when the oncoming tractor-trailer suddenly turned in front of him. Investigations involving tractor-trailer crashes often last weeks before definite conclusions are drawn.

The motorcyclist was flown to a local hospital and was pronounced dead there. Sadly, this was not the first accident of its kind in this state in recent months. This particular man was the third corrections officer involved in a collision resulting in fatal personal injury in New Jersey since July. Incidents like this tragedy often lead to wrongful death litigation when family members of decedents file claims on behalf of their loved ones against those whose negligence is deemed to have caused their deaths.

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