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Immigration detention problems result after police call

| Aug 27, 2019 | Immigration and Naturalization

When New Jersey police make arrests, issues may arise that prompt intersections between various branches of law. For instance, a man in another state is now facing immigration detention problems after having been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. The woman who called police regarding that issue, however, says she is upset because she believes the officer who wrote the report changed her words and that has had a negative effect on her fiance’s case.

A video from a bodycam shows that the woman and her daughter spoke to police who responded to a call at their residence. The video reportedly shows the women telling the officer that the man in question pushed the woman in his stomach. For some reason, however, the written police report states that the man punched the woman in her stomach.

The judge overseeing the case ultimately lowered the man’s bail and he was scheduled for release. Before he was freed, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers stepped in to take him into ICE custody. They said the arrest was in regard to a supposed immigration violation.

The man is now being held in an immigration detention facility. ICE had gotten wind of his arrest through a national database. His fiance says she believes officials have trumped up charges against him by changing the words she said to the officer who responded to her call. She worries that these issues may lead to her fiance’s deportation. An experienced attorney can provide strong support to anyone in New Jersey facing similar immigration-related problems.

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