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Family law: Helping kids cope with divorce

| Aug 8, 2019 | Family Law

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every couple encounters challenges at some point, whether the underlying family law issues pertain to finances, child-related issues or personal matters in the relationship. Children are definitely affected by their parents’ marital problems, especially if the parents wind up filing for divorce.

It is natural for parents in New Jersey to worry about how their relationship problems or pending divorce issues will affect their children’s lives. Especially in situations where there is a lot of parental conflict, kids may worry about the future. Some parents try to hide their arguments or marital struggles from their children. Others believe it is not necessarily healthy to do so because kids should not be raised to think their parents’ marriage is perfect.

The fact is, even when parents think they have been successful in concealing their adult problems from their children, the opposite is often true. Children often tell family therapists or others that they hear their parents fighting at night or that they are aware that their parents are considering filing for divorce. This is why it is typically best to be forthright in as simple and honest a manner as possible, according to each child’s level of maturity.

If family law problems arise leading up to, during or following a New Jersey divorce, it can cause children stress. Allowing them to ask questions and providing answers suitable for their age and understanding can help alleviate anxiety and fears associated with divorce-related problems. The sooner a particular issue is resolved, the better, which is why most parents rely on experienced attorneys to help them find fair and agreeable solutions.

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