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Son, father face immigration officers in their driveway

| Jul 31, 2019 | Immigration and Naturalization

Some immigrants in New Jersey are facing challenges regarding their legal statuses. The immigration process can be complicated and any number of problem issues can arise at any time. For one man and his son in another state, that time just so happened to be when they were in their own vehicle in their driveway.

The boy and his father were suddenly approached by uninvited visitors. They were officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The man and adolescent refused to get out of their van. That may have been because they believed the ICE officers could not make them exit their vehicle without a valid warrant. ICE has stated that it does not need a formal search warrant signed by a judge to take someone into custody from a vehicle.

The neighbors quickly gathered in the driveway, bringing food and water and seeking to protect the father and son in the vehicle. The crowd formed a human chain by interlocking hands. They surrounded the van so ICE officers could not reach the man or boy. With the ring of neighbors surrounding the pair, the two exited the vehicle and entered their house because the neighbors apparently knew that once inside the home, the father and son were protected against ICE agents entering the house without a warrant signed by a judge. ICE called for local law enforcement backup, but the police department reportedly refused to actively render assistance to the federal agents.

When ICE officers threaten to arrest someone, it can be a frightening experience. In this particular incident, the human chain appears to have staved off the immigration officials. No one knows for how long. If a New Jersey immigrant is currently facing similar problems, he or she can schedule a meeting with an experienced attorney to ask him or her to review the case. Such problems are typically stressful and can also impede one’s ability to function on a daily basis due to worrying about legal status issues or possible deportation.

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