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Immigration issues: How ICE raids may affect New Jersey families

| Jul 17, 2019 | Immigration and Naturalization

Many New Jersey households include members who are immigrants. The current focus of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers may have many residents in this state and others on edge. There has apparently been a tremendous increase in ICE raids of private homes.

In the past, ICE officers typically approached people at places of business or other public venues when seeking information about legal status. Lately, however, such impromptu visits have begun taking place more frequently at people’s homes. In fact, a teenager recently described being suddenly awakened at 1 a.m. when ICE officers came to her door and requested entry. The young lady refused to comply.

Being awakened in the middle of the night by ICE officers banging on the door would frighten most anyone. The question is whether a person who answers the door must allow officials to come inside at their request. Avoiding serious legal problems hinges on how well an immigrant understands his or her rights in such situations.

Many ICE raids involve immigration issues pertaining to lack of documentation. If an officer believes a person inside a home does not possess proper paperwork to prove that he or she legally entered the United States, the visit may be intended to make an arrest and activate removal proceedings. In this type of situation, as well as any other immigration-related issue, an experienced attorney is a great source of support. A New Jersey immigration law attorney can provide legal clarification as well as explain any and all options that might be available to adjust a status or avoid deportation.

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