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Depp’s 2017 family law issues resolved; now facing more problems

| Jul 3, 2019 | Family Law

It would not be unreasonable for a New Jersey couple to expect their legal issues to be resolved once they finalize a divorce. However, that is not always how it goes. Hollywood icon Johnny Depp and former spouse Amber Heard are entangled in a battle that shows that some people continue to have need for litigation long after a family law judge issues a divorce decree.

In Depp’s case, he and Heard finalized their divorce in 2017. A main component of their agreement was a non-disclosure contract that both of them signed. The former couple’s current legal problems erupted after Heard allegedly wrote an article about being a domestic violence victim.

The situation prompted Depp to file a defamation of character lawsuit against his ex. He is seeking $50 million in damages. Depp has also gone public with accusations against Heard regarding supposed physically violent altercations, such as saying she once tried to cut off his fingers. Heard has many equally garish stories of her own, many of which include supposed fits of jealous rage that Depp would fly into whenever she worked with male actors.

A trial date is reportedly set for February of next year. Depp’s attorneys say they have ample evidence from more than 85 surveillance cameras and testimonies from police officers that refute Heard’s allegations of domestic violence. Most New Jersey family law attorneys are used to handling domestic violence issues. Any man or woman in need of guidance and support regarding such issues may request a consultation at any time.

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