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New Jersey man sought by police after personal injury incident

| Jun 4, 2019 | Personal Injury

New Jersey highways are often busy, dangerous places. During holiday weekends, there is often an increase in accidents, perhaps because there are simply more cars on the road or maybe because holidays also often mean there are more drunk drivers on the road, as well. A recent incident resulted in personal injury but police have yet to locate one of the drivers involved.

Preliminary investigations show a 56-year-old woman was sitting in traffic just before 10 p.m. on a recent Friday. Her vehicle was suddenly struck from behind and she reportedly stepped out of her car, possibly to check for damage. At some point, the woman and the 21-year-old male who was behind the wheel of the other vehicle started arguing.

What allegedly happened next has prompted a manhunt, as witnesses say the young man accelerated his vehicle, running over the woman whose car he had struck moments earlier. He apparently fled the scene although police later located his vehicle. At last report, they were still searching for him. The woman was flown to a nearby medical facility for emergency care.

When severe personal injury occurs in New Jersey accidents, claims for damages are often pursued in civil court. Such situations often intersect with criminal law, as well. For instance, in this case, once police locate the man they are searching for, he will face charges of causing an accident resulting in serious injury, violation of public health and safety laws and endangering an injured victim. Any man or woman injured in a collision caused by another person can consult with an experienced personal injury law attorney to learn more about how to file a claim in civil court.

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