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Illnesses spreading in immigration detention facilities

| Jun 13, 2019 | Immigration and Naturalization

When a New Jersey immigrant is placed in detention, there may be a number of factors involved. Regardless of the details, any man, woman or child residing under custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement must be provided due process of law. During detention, basic human needs of food, clothing, shelter and medical attention must be provided. At a facility in another state, there appears to be an increase in the spread of infectious disease, causing many immigrant advocates to question whether health conditions in the center are up to par.

Approximately 150 immigrants are currently quarantined at the detention center. Officials say the quarantine was prompted by the discovery of one case of mumps and another of chicken pox. The facility is run by a group that is under contract with ICE.

This past March, there were reportedly more than 300 other immigrants in detention who were placed under quarantine for similar reasons. A congressman in that state began to investigate the health conditions of the facility after learning about the steady increase of the spread of infectious diseases there. It is logical to assume that if basic protocol is not adhered to regarding accepted safety and health standards for reducing the spread of disease, it could place many immigrants at risk for infections or viruses.

Being quarantined could delay the processing of an immigrant’s case, especially if he or she is unable to attend an interview or meet with officials in person. A New Jersey immigration law attorney can help anyone currently facing detention-related problems in this state. Personal  legal advocacy is often the best means for protecting one’s rights and getting the care and support one needs while residing under ICE custody.

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