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New Jersey travelers suffered personal injury on Monday evening

A recent Monday proved disastrous for seven New Jersey travelers. They were involved in a multi-vehicle crash that resulted in personal injury. Investigators say there were at least 12 vehicles involved in the collision. The good news is that all seven people who were transported to the hospital are expected to survive their injuries.

Your future when charged with committing a hate crime

If police recently arrested you and charged you with a crime, you may have been shocked and confused when you learned that authorities intend to prosecute the offense as a hate crime. Calling it a hate crime gives prosecutors the option of leveling much more severe penalties against you. If a court convicts you, not only will you face the penalties for the original offense, but even harsher consequences for the hate crime.

Immigration and naturalization: Things to know about citizenship

In New Jersey and elsewhere, there are many immigrants whose ultimate goals include becoming citizens of the United States. Pursuing citizenship can be a lengthy and stressful process. However, the more one learns about the system ahead of time, the easier it might be to navigate.

Marked police car involved in fatal personal injury crash

New Jersey roads can be dangerous, especially for pedestrians. Even if those traveling by foot adhere to crosswalk regulations and act with caution, there is no guarantee against personal injury if a negligent driver is nearby. A community is grieving the loss of a 12-year-old boy, and investigators are working hard to find answers to many questions about the accident that recently took his life.

How pure is the forensic evidence against you?

As bad as things seemed when police arrested you, you may feel the situation getting darker. Investigators have informed you that they have evidence from the crime scene that links you to the events. Perhaps they are amending the charges or preparing to take your case to the grand jury.

Fatal personal injury in a recent New Jersey collision

When the topic is vehicle sustainability upon sudden impact in a collision, a Toyota would likely be no match for a tractor-trailer. Such massive rigs have been involved with smaller vehicles in many collisions in New Jersey and other states, often resulting in catastrophic or fatal personal injury. Sadly, the latter was the case in an incident that took place on a recent Tuesday.

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