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Immigration detention trouble in another state

| Mar 5, 2019 | Immigration and Naturalization

New Jersey immigrants may want to follow a case that is unfolding in another state. Those who worry about deportation may be particularly concerned to hear that a man was allegedly arrested and placed in immigration detention without cause. A team of attorneys is advocating on his behalf to try to rectify the situation.

The man was scheduled to appear at a check-in appointment in connection with his visa. He met the requirement and was apparently standing to approach the official who had announced his time to signify that it was his turn. His attorneys say he was grabbed by several Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers who moved in on him when his name was called. The man reportedly has no criminal record. Accusations of personal rights violations have been asserted, including denial of due process, refusal to allow the man to speak to his attorneys and removal of his personal passport from his possession.

Immigration officials allegedly said they were acting on orders from high-level officials. Immigrants in this state or any other who are reading this may worry that a similar incident could occur regarding their own legal status. Suddenly being apprehended by ICE officers while adhering to requirements to attend an immigration meeting is not only frightening but confusing to those who have not violated the law in any way. The man in this case was recently featured in an independent arts festival film where he spoke about dire conditions and injustices at a Florida for-profit immigration detention center. Many believe his arrest is a targeted act of revenge for his participation in the film.

This is definitely not the first time an immigrant has spoken out against immigration detention injustice. However, participation in an independent film does not seem to meet the requirements for just cause to arrest someone. Anyone in New Jersey facing similar legal problems may reach out to an experienced immigration law attorney for support.

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