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Lack of immigration documentation led to man's legal problems

When an immigrant enters New Jersey or anywhere else in the country, it is always best if he or she first makes sure all paperwork is in order. U.S. immigration laws are quite complex and required documentation for the average person emigrating from another country is extensive. Serious legal problems can arise for immigrants who are undocumented.

Understanding how family-based immigration visas work

Immigration is a complex and sensitive legal matter for many, and it can be especially complex if you are trying to figure how to reunite your family and get the right kind of visa. There are two categories of family-based immigration visas. You will find it beneficial to understand your options under United States immigration law and how to proceed with the application process.

Family law: How legal status affects child custody proceedings

New Jersey immigrants who are currently preparing for divorce may be worried about child custody proceedings. Some people assume that the court will automatically favor parents who are U.S. citizens when it comes to handing down custody rulings. The fact is that immigration legal status has absolutely no bearing on which parent is awarded custody in such cases.

Fatal personal injury incident has led to criminal charges

A New Jersey community mourned the loss of a 35-year-old teacher who was involved in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident. The personal injury the victim suffered ultimately proved fatal when she died 11 days after the accident. The incident has led to an arrest and criminal charges against the man believed to have struck her as she was crossing a street.

Personal injury: Things to know regarding hazardous products

New Jersey consumers spend millions of dollars every year on a variety of products in the marketplace. Many are at risk for personal injury because of hazardous products. Such hazards may be caused by manufacturing or design defects, insufficient product labeling or other issues.

Seeking child custody with a felony conviction

Undoubtedly, the consequence that weighed most heavily on you after a court convicted you of a felony offense was the amount of time you would miss with your child while you served your time in prison. No matter how old or young your child, the length of a prison sentence means losing precious time for bonding and sharing.

Immigration detention trouble in another state

New Jersey immigrants may want to follow a case that is unfolding in another state. Those who worry about deportation may be particularly concerned to hear that a man was allegedly arrested and placed in immigration detention without cause. A team of attorneys is advocating on his behalf to try to rectify the situation.

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