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Personal injury suit filed against bar for over serving patron

| Jan 9, 2019 | Personal Injury

Parents are grieving the loss of their young son who was killed in a recent drunk driving accident, and the parents claim the bar that served the driver may share part of the blame for what happened. The 20-year-old student at The College of New Jersey was taking fellow students home from a party when his vehicle was struck. This tragic personal injury incident illustrates the dangers of intoxicated driving.

The family of the deceased has filed a civil claim against a local bar, claiming that the drunk driver was over served before he left and got behind the wheel of his vehicle. They claim that the reckless behavior of the servers at the bar played a significant role in the death of their son. The suit claims the driver was visibly drunk, and yet employees of the bar continued to serve him.

At the time of the crash, the driver had a BAC that was almost three times the legal limit. Reports indicate that the driver was trying to pass other vehicles in the road when the accident happened. In addition to facing drunk driving charges, he is also facing criminal charges of auto assault and vehicular manslaughter. In addition to the deceased, five other college students suffered injuries in the crash.

After a drunk driving accident, a victim or his or her New Jersey family have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. However, it is possible the bar or establishment could also be liable if the driver was over served before driving. Victims of drunk driving and families of those killed by this reckless behavior do not have to face the aftermath of an accident alone.

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