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A man in another state facing immigration detention problems

| Dec 12, 2018 | Immigration and Naturalization

If someone in New Jersey gets arrested, he or she may be held in a county jail until a judge determines the next course of action. However, if that person is actively being sought by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers for immigration detention issues, things can get messy when the two jurisdictions intersect. This is exactly the type of situation a man in another state is currently facing.

The 52-year-old man was arrested at a local hotel when SWAT members moved in on him. They were searching for him in connection with a possible murder. It seems that a co-worker of the man had been shot while riding a tractor, and because he is said to have had a long-standing dispute with the deceased, he was suspected of the crime.

ICE officials got wind of the situation and they say the same man has already been deported from the United States multiple times regarding past incidents. Immigration authorities say he has been convicted of aggravated felon re-entry after deportation. He is currently sitting behind bars in a county jail, with a $5,000,000 bail set for his release.

There has been a substantial increase of arrests and immigration detention cases involving immigrants who have criminal records. Regarding the death of his co-worker, the man now faces a murder charge, as well as unlawful possession of a firearm. This is an example of a time when it would be a great asset to act alongside experienced legal representation rather than try to go it alone in court. Those in need of such guidance in New Jersey may request a meeting with an immigration law attorney who is also experienced in criminal defense.

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