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Police lineups and eyewitness accounts have flaws

If part of the probable cause for your arrest involved an eyewitness identification in a police lineup, either live or using photographs, you have every reason to be concerned. Eyewitness testimony carries significant sway with juries even though the science behind it is weak. In fact, in the past three decades, 29 percent of overturned convictions resulted from witnesses wrongly identifying a suspect.

Immigration detention, on the rise in New Jersey and beyond

As in most other states, New Jersey has numerous facilities filled to the brim with people accused of committing crimes. In many cases, those accused are immigrants who supposedly violated U.S. immigration law. The problem is that many immigrants say they are not being provided the same legal protections that others who are incarcerated are regularly afforded.

Immigrants often need certain visas or green cards for employment

Many immigrants come to the United States to build better lives for themselves and their families. This action often means finding gainful employment in New Jersey or whatever state they may choose to reside. Of course, obtaining employment as an immigrant is not always easy to understand.

A man in another state facing immigration detention problems

If someone in New Jersey gets arrested, he or she may be held in a county jail until a judge determines the next course of action. However, if that person is actively being sought by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers for immigration detention issues, things can get messy when the two jurisdictions intersect. This is exactly the type of situation a man in another state is currently facing.  

A year later, father of 3 still facing immigration trouble

The holiday season is often busy for New Jersey families. From shopping for gifts to hosting relatives and friends for parties, many people say they dread this time of year because it is so stressful. Most would agree that there are many families facing more serious problems than deciding what to buy or where to shop; for instance, a family in another state is currently trying to resolve a serious immigration problem.

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