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Son arrested while trying to protect his father re immigration

| Nov 26, 2018 | Immigration and Naturalization

Many adult sons in New Jersey are protective of their fathers. If a son were to think his father in danger, it would not be uncommon for him to try to protect him. This is what a 19-year-old man in another state says he was doing when immigration officers were trying to force his dad into the back of a van.

The younger man, who was ultimately arrested and charged with assaulting a government official, reportedly grew concerned when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers surrounded his father, who had shown up for a biometrics appointments when officially requested to do so. ICE officials say they were merely doing their job because the 47-year-old man was convicted of entering the United States with falsified documents in 2014. He reportedly has been residing in a church basement so that he could be near his wife, who is ill and in need of surgery.

The son was apparently not the only one who felt concerned for his dad’s well-being at the time. At least 20 supporters approached the van to protest what the ICE officers were doing. Local police at the scene say they warned the people to back off or they would be arrested.

The supporters are said to have stood their ground and were all taken into custody. Problematic immigration situations like this one occur in New Jersey as well. Families currently concerned about loved ones who are in detention and are at risk for deportation may reach out for legal support to try to resolve their problems.

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