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Misdiagnoses still happen too frequently

A hospital or medical facility should be among the places where you feel safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and thousands of patients each year find themselves in danger during their stays at medical facilities. This is due to the increasing rate of errors that lead to injury, illness and death.

Son arrested while trying to protect his father re immigration

Many adult sons in New Jersey are protective of their fathers. If a son were to think his father in danger, it would not be uncommon for him to try to protect him. This is what a 19-year-old man in another state says he was doing when immigration officers were trying to force his dad into the back of a van.

For any New Jersey immigrant facing family law problems

Living in fear of domestic violence is typically a situation that is wrought with anxiety and confusion. Sadly, some New Jersey immigrants currently face family law problems that involve allegations of violence in the home. Any person being physically abused by a spouse or other family member should be aware that domestic violence is never okay.  

Immigration and naturalization process can be quite complicated

A man in another state had taken the proper steps to file a petition for permanent residency based on his marriage to a U.S. citizen. He entered the United States well over a decade ago and has raised two sons here, one of whom was born in the U.S. The man and his wife thought that his immigration and naturalization process was going well, especially since his petition for a green card had been accepted. New Jersey residents facing challenges regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers will want to pay close attention to this case.

Understanding the consequences of a probation violation

Receiving a sentence of probation after your conviction means you were able to convince the court that you were not a risk to public safety. Perhaps this was your first offense, or the circumstances of the offense were not serious. Your sentence probably brought great relief to you and your family. Probation means you will serve your sentence under supervision but not in jail.

Man facing immigration and naturalization process problems

Applying for U.S. citizenship can be a complicated process for New Jersey residents and others. Especially if the applicant has information on his or her record that may cause concern among Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, obstacles may cause significant delays or otherwise impede the immigration and naturalization process. A man in another state thought he was going to improve his lifestyle when he applied for citizenship but instead, has been sitting in detention since January because of the events that unfolded at a Citizenship and Immigration Services center.

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