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IKEA CALYPSO lamps lead to personal injury

| Oct 4, 2018 | Personal Injury

IKEA fans in New Jersey may be impacted by a recent recall of some of the company’s lamps. Specifically, IKEA is recalling its CALYPSO ceiling lamps due to the personal injury they can cause a consumer. The particular lamps being recalled are those that were bought after August of 2016.

IKEA issued the recall of the lamps after receiving reports that they were detaching, falling and shattering on the ground. As a result, they can pose a laceration hazard. Thus far, 19 falling incidents have been reported, with three of them leading to minor injuries.

Officials have urged customers to cautiously remove the lamps’ glass shades and to check for the lamps’ manufacturing date stamps to see if theirs are the defective ones. Customers with lamps featuring the numbers of 1625 to 1744 are encouraged to seek full refunds from IKEA. Alternatively, they can get their lamps replaced with properly functioning ones.

Consumers naturally expect product manufacturers to produce items that are safe for the public to use. However, sometimes, product makers miss the mark and end up selling items that cause serious personal injury to their customers. In these situations, the injured customers may choose to file product liability claims against the manufacturers, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. A monetary award may help with addressing hospital bills, the loss of wages and other losses stemming from the use of a defective product. An understanding of what facts must be proved will likely be necessary to prevail in this type of case in New Jersey.

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