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New Jersey truck driver cited for crash causing personal injury

| Sep 23, 2018 | Personal Injury

When a massive vehicle travels too close to a car in front of it, the driver may not be able to react safely and quickly enough to avoid a collision. This seems to have been the case involving a tractor-trailer and a car on a recent Friday in New Jersey. The 72-year-old tractor-trailer operator was issued several traffic citations in the incident.

The trucker reportedly was following the car too closely and also had made an unsafe lane change. This resulted in a crash that left several people injured. One of the occupants in the car was ejected from the vehicle. That particular victim is said to have gone into shock on the way to the hospital.

Another car sustained damage in the accident even though it was not involved in the direct impact of the collision. When the truck crashed, it rammed into concrete that broke into shards and pummeled the front end of the third vehicle. Hazmat teams were dispatched to the scene because the truck had to be pulled off a median and officials were worried that it would leak fuel during the removal process.

When a reckless driver causes personal injury to another New Jersey motorist, it often leads to claims for monetary damages when the recovering victim seeks recovery for his or her losses in civil court. In such cases, the plaintiff is tasked with convincing the court that the defendant was negligent and that such negligence was directly responsible for his or her injury. For assistance in gathering and presenting evidence to the court, a plaintiff is wise to reach out for support from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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