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When family law situations involve violence

| Aug 8, 2018 | Family Law

Many New Jersey parents understand how stressful it can be to disagree about child-related issues. In many divorce situations, as well as parenting relationships where there were never marriages, family law disputes can get out of hand and, in the worst cases, even violent. A tragic situation occurred in another state that has left the family of a young girl grieving.  

Relatives of the child’s mother say she was often worried about her daughter’s safety regarding interaction with the girl’s biological father. The woman’s husband said she had made her concerns known to the court; however, the father was granted modified visitation, despite her concerns. After a recent scheduled visit, the woman became immediately fearful when her former boyfriend did not return her daughter at the appointed time and place.

Police reportedly told the child’s mother there was nothing they could do without a warrant. The child’s stepfather and grandfather went to the biological father’s home and discovered a horrific scene. The young girl had died in an apparent murder/suicide. The stepfather had strong words for state officials, whom he said had failed the child and her family because everyone involved knew the father had a violent history and had made threats against the family.  

Thankfully, most New Jersey child custody problems are resolved without violence. However, any concerned parent can reach out for immediate legal support to protect parental rights and child safety. An experienced family law attorney is also a great asset in problem situations that are non-violent as well.

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