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Judge says prisoner's personal injury due to medical malpractice

When a New Jersey resident is sentenced to jail for conviction of a particular crime, he or she undoubtedly loses numerous privileges otherwise enjoyed outside a jail cell, such as the ability to drive himself or herself places as well as the ability to socialize with friends and family members outside a prison visiting room. However, if a prisoner suffers personal injury or an adverse health condition, he or she is entitled to prompt and appropriate medical care. A man in another state was recently awarded more than $1million because care providers failed to diagnose his skin cancer while he was incarcerated.

New Jersey turnpike was the scene of a recent fatal accident

One might assume that not many cars would be on a New Jersey highway at 2:45 a.m., but that is not always true. Especially during summer, roadways can be traffic laden at any hour of the day or night. Many vacationers travel in the wee hours after midnight so they can arrive at their destinations early in the morning. On a recent Sunday, there were multiple vehicles on the same stretch of road when a serious accident occurred.

Family law: Helping toddlers adapt to adoption

Many New Jersey parents expand their family sizes by adopting children from other countries. Sometimes, such parents share similar ethnic backgrounds as their adopted kids, but not always. Most families who adopt children through family law centers go through adjustment periods after they bring their children home.  

Driving behaviors that may mean a drunk driver is at the wheel

When you or your loved ones travel New Jersey roadways, there's always a possibility that an accident might occur. You've likely driven along a highway at one time or another when you see the aftermath of a recent collision on the road. Perhaps there are flares, fire trucks, police and other rescue workers nearby as well. It's not uncommon in such circumstances to hope the best for those who are injured and to be thankful that you and your family were not involved.

When family law situations involve violence

Many New Jersey parents understand how stressful it can be to disagree about child-related issues. In many divorce situations, as well as parenting relationships where there were never marriages, family law disputes can get out of hand and, in the worst cases, even violent. A tragic situation occurred in another state that has left the family of a young girl grieving.  

Convincing immigration officials that your marriage is legitimate

Emigrating from another country of origin to New Jersey may have been one of the most challenging things you've ever done in life. The fact that you were marrying the love of your life and making plans to build your dreams together in the United States may have outweighed any anxiety or fear you had about coming here. Perhaps you had a simple wedding, surrounded by a few close loved ones and even some new friends you met through your spouse.  

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