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Personal injury for several following recent collision

| Jul 30, 2018 | Personal Injury

Many questions remain unanswered following a devastating single-vehicle accident in New Jersey. As is often the case when personal injury results from a collision, several people were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Details regarding what exactly caused the wreck and injuries to the three vehicle occupants have yet to be determined.  

It was not quite 2:30 a.m. on a recent Monday when the crash occurred. The driver of the car somehow lost control of steering, which apparently caused the vehicle to careen off the road. The car smashed into a tree with such great force that the vehicle was split in two.  

Half of the car burst into flames. Collisions like this one often result in fatalities; thankfully, all those involved in this particular incident survived. Once the investigation is complete, officials will likely be able to clarify why the car veered off the road. This may provide an answer as to whether any particular party is deemed responsible for causing the crash, which is likely the case in this scenario.

Similar collisions in the past have often led to personal injury claims filed in New Jersey civil courts. This type of claim can help accident victims seek recovery for their losses when a driver or another party is determined to have been negligent in some way that directly caused their suffering. Damages listed in such claims vary, depending on severity of injury as well as other issues, such as property damage, emotional trauma and economic loss due to time off work during recovery.  

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