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Not paying child support is a likely way to wind up in court

There are many New Jersey residents who have emigrated from other countries of origin to the United States. Some enter the country through employment immigration, others have obtained green cards after marrying U.S. citizens. In some situations, however, a person crossing a U.S. border may not have his or her paperwork in order. Many immigrants have families and have the same types of family problems as others, especially where divorce and child support issues are concerned.  

It's no secret that many immigrants say they live in constant fear that something is going to happen to threaten their ability to stay in the United States. Many say they try to avoid anyone and everything that could possibly create a legal problem. In situations where a court has ordered child support, not making payments on time would definitely get the court's attention if someone files a complaint.  

A man in another state recently appeared in court after allegations were made against him for owing more than $100,000 in child support. He told the judge he was completely unaware of the situation and would have brought a checkbook with him to court to pay the debt had he known it existed. The judge, who was apparently not moved in the man's favor by his explanation, instead ordered him to leave the courtroom in handcuffs, escorted by four police officers.  

While there's no evidence that this particular man was facing immigration issues, it is understandable that such circumstances would make someone concerned about his or her legal status even more worried. Parents facing such circumstances need not lose hope, however. If child support problems arise, New Jersey parents, as well as those in New York (where the man mentioned earlier lives) or other states can tap into local support resources for assistance before heading to court.            

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