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Personal injury for several following recent collision

Many questions remain unanswered following a devastating single-vehicle accident in New Jersey. As is often the case when personal injury results from a collision, several people were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Details regarding what exactly caused the wreck and injuries to the three vehicle occupants have yet to be determined.  

Not paying child support is a likely way to wind up in court

There are many New Jersey residents who have emigrated from other countries of origin to the United States. Some enter the country through employment immigration, others have obtained green cards after marrying U.S. citizens. In some situations, however, a person crossing a U.S. border may not have his or her paperwork in order. Many immigrants have families and have the same types of family problems as others, especially where divorce and child support issues are concerned.  

Seeking a waiver from removal or inadmissibility

Immigration laws in the United States are severe and challenging. It is not easy to obtain admittance to the country, and once you lose your immigration privileges, it is even more difficult to gain them back. You may understand that this is for the protection of the country and her citizens. However, having that understanding does not make it easier when you are at risk of separation from your family.

Undocumented immigrant in need of strong criminal defense

U.S. immigration law is a hot topic in most states. Most New Jersey residents are among others who have political and personal opinions regarding the need for reform of the nation's current immigration policies. This does not negate the fact, however, that any person charged with a crime in this or another state is guaranteed the opportunity to present as strong a criminal defense as possible in court.  

New Jersey crash ends in fatal personal injury

No matter how cautious and alert a New Jersey driver is, if there happens to be another motorist on the road who is acting negligently behind the wheel, even the safest drivers in the vicinity are at risk for collision. Some car accidents leave a lot of questions unanswered, as made evident by a recent situation that resulted in a fatality. State troopers responded to the scene.  

What to do if ICE approaches you on the street

Living in New Jersey as an immigrant can be quite challenging. If you experienced a severe language barrier upon your arrival, it may have been difficult just to understand what people were saying to you or to ask simple questions of others. Hopefully, as time went on, you were able to overcome many obstacles to begin to build a new, successful life in the U.S.  

Key factor to success in immigration removal hearings

As the federal government continues to increase the number of arrests Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents make in New Jersey and throughout the nation, discussions on the topic also continue, especially concerning the immigration removal system, which many people agree is in great need of reform. When a U.S. citizen is facing criminal charges, he or she is given the opportunity to retain legal support. If the person cannot afford to hire an attorney, the court will appoint one on his or her behalf. 

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