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Man files nursing home wrongful death claim re his father’s death

| Jun 4, 2018 | Personal Injury

Many adult children in New Jersey are currently dealing with issues related to suspected nursing home negligence. Substandard medical care often leads to personal injury that, in worst cases, can result in death. That’s what a man in another state contends regarding his father’s unexpected death.

The man says his father was not provided a safe living environment in the nursing home where he resided. The claim asks the court to hold defendants financially accountable for several counts, including negligence and wrongful death. He claims that his father suffered several falls while unattended at the facility.

The man’s claim also states that a particular incident resulted in obstruction of his father’s airway that, in turn caused his dad to suffer a brain injury. He has asserted that his father’s death was easily preventable had it not been for substandard nursing home care. Such situations are often traumatic for adult children who feel as though they should have been able to do or say something to protect their parents.

New Jersey nursing home residents, like all others throughout the nation, can reasonably expect nursing staff members and officials to act in accordance with accepted safety standards in providing their care. If an adult child notices signs of negligence or abuse, he or she can take immediate steps to further investigate the situation. If  enough evidence that a personal injury was caused by substandard care exists, legal accountability may be sought through the civil justice system against any and all parties deemed responsible.

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