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Teenager speaks about immigration and naturalization issues

| May 16, 2018 | Immigration and Naturalization

In New Jersey and across the country, teenage life often includes things like playing sports on high school teams, working part-time jobs and helping parents with home projects and other family issues, such as taking care of younger siblings. For families facing immigration and naturalization problems, teenagers’ lives may also include very stressful situations. In fact, a boy in another state recently experienced a life-changing event.

The boy reportedly had awakened at his usual time to go to his local high school for an early-morning weight-lifting session. His stepfather had also risen early that day to go to work at a local concrete company. While the 15-year-old was partway through the third period of his school day, he received devastating news.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents had shown up at his stepdad’s workplace and were taking many people into custody. The boy happens to be the most fluent English-speaker in his family; therefore, he immediately went to the scene with his mother to learn more about the situation. He later reported that he thinks he saw his stepfather getting arrested with many other workers who were being loaded into ICE vans.

The boy apparently had shown paperwork to certain officials, saying that his family understands there is a certain immigration and naturalization process in place in the United States and that they have already begun taking steps to help his stepfather adjust his current status. There may be families in New Jersey facing similar situations at this time. It can be helpful to reach out for legal support, especially if family members face language challenges as experienced attorneys can speak for them to try to resolve any immigration-related problems.

Source:, “‘I think I saw my dad get arrested’: Iowa teen recounts immigration raid“, MacKenzie Elmer, May 10, 2018

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