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Some New Jersey immigrants may relate to this family law case

New Jersey residents who emigrated from other countries of origin are not immune to various problems that other families in this state deal with from time to time. In fact, even celebrities sometimes encounter serious family law challenges, such as Britney Spears, who continues to battle her ex-husband Kevin Federline over child support issues. For immigrant parents who also have legal status problems, navigating the family justice system can be all the more stressful.

Criminal defense options re drunk driving charges in New Jersey

New Jersey prosecutors can be quite aggressive in their quests to obtain convictions. Especially in situations that involve drunk driving charges, defendants may face serious challenges in court when trying to preserve their freedom. Several criminal defense options may be available, however; in fact, successful outcomes often hinge on how well those accused understand their rights.  

Do you have to open your door to police?

Just because police officers come knocking on your door, it does not necessarily mean you have to let them in. Your first inclination may be to comply with their request to enter, but it may not be in your best interests. Police officers, whether here in New Jersey or elsewhere, don't usually make random stops at people's homes asking to come in and conduct a search.

Teenager speaks about immigration and naturalization issues

In New Jersey and across the country, teenage life often includes things like playing sports on high school teams, working part-time jobs and helping parents with home projects and other family issues, such as taking care of younger siblings. For families facing immigration and naturalization problems, teenagers' lives may also include very stressful situations. In fact, a boy in another state recently experienced a life-changing event.

More changes proposed for immigration and naturalization policies

There's already a backlog in the court system regarding incidents involving people who reportedly entered New Jersey or other states without proper immigration paperwork. Newly proposed immigration and naturalization policy changes may cause further delays and cause more overcrowding in immigration detention centers throughout the nation. Immigrant advocates are opposed to the federal government's proposal that all immigrants crossing United States borders without immigration papers in order should face criminal charges.  

How is Selective Service related to my naturalization process?

When you came to the United States as a legal permanent resident, you may have heard someone tell you about the importance of signing up for Selective Service. Perhaps you did not understand the concept of Selective Service, or maybe you just never got around to looking it up online or stopping by the closest post office for information.

NJ mom fights to get back child she gave up for adoption

Many New Jersey immigrants say they struggle to overcome significant challenges that often include language barriers when they come to live in the United States. It's conceivable that immigrants who are parents, perhaps those in need of counseling regarding adoption or other child custody matters, could possibly misunderstand something being communicated or could suffer if adoption officials failed to properly inform them of their rights. This type of situation sometimes occurs even among parents who are not immigrants, as made evident by a recent case where a birth mother is battling adoptive parents to get her son back after placing him up for adoption. 

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