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A need for criminal defense may not pair so well with immigration

Emigrating from another country of origin to live and work in New Jersey is not without its challenges for most immigrants. The first weeks or months in the United States may be spent overcoming a language barrier and dealing with a certain amount of culture shock. In time, new surroundings may start to feel like home, unless a serious problem arises that causes things to get a lot worse before they get better, such as winding up with a serious need for criminal defense.

Consequences and alternatives to overstaying a visa

Obtaining your visa likely opened many doors for you. Perhaps your temporary status in the United States allowed you to find employment, to study at one of New Jersey's fine colleges or universities, or to visit some of the many beautiful landmarks in the country. Whatever your reason for coming, you have one pressing reason to leave. Your visa is going to expire.

Immigration and naturalization case to be heard by Supreme Court

It's no secret that there is never a shortage of political debate in New Jersey and across the country about immigration issues. On any given day, it's likely that a survey regarding immigration and naturalization issues would produce hundreds of different answers, depending on personal, professional or partisan opinions. One situation currently being litigated at the federal level may impact the lives of many immigrants throughout the nation.

Man walks free from New Jersey jail, then dies

New Jersey 911 dispatchers received a phone call from a motorist, saying that moments earlier, he had been driving when he suddenly hit a motionless person lying in the road. Authorities dispatched officers to the scene so they could further investigate the situation. The details that unfolded from there tell of a tragic personal injury incident that ended in a fatality.

Congolese woman released from immigration detention center

Immigrants in New Jersey may relate to an ongoing, troubling situation in another state involving a woman who is struggling to overcome problems associated with her recent detainment. The immigration situation made headline news when the woman, who is said to have fled to the United States alongside her 7-year-old daughter, was taken into custody and separated from her child. Her circumstances recently changed when immigration officials responded to a public outcry for her release.

Homicide does not always refer to murder

Do you think there's ever a time when a person might take the life of another human being, yet not be guilty of a crime? If you answered, "Yes," then you were correct. The word homicide simply means the taking of human life; however, many people in New Jersey and other states mistakenly believe that homicide equals murder. If prosecutors charge you with homicide, it doesn't necessarily mean they are charging you with murder.

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